Sonora Pilot Plant

Over the past 3 years, Bacanora has built a lithium carbonate pilot plant in Hermosillo, to upgrade and process ores from the nearby Sonora Lithium Project. Over the past 24 months the plant has been upgraded to include the full metallurgical flow sheet of pre-concentration, flotation, roasting and lithium carbonate precipitation.

In early 2016 the facility was upgraded to allow it to runs continuously on a 24/7 basis and the plant is currently targeting the production of representative samples of battery grade (99.5%) lithium carbonate, which the Company will use in ongoing discussions with potential off-take customers for its future lithium production.

The Company has invested over CAD$15 million on exploration and development of the pilot plant. Over the next 12 months the pilot plant will continue to operate for the following strategies:

  • Produce off-take samples to send out to potential off-take partners in Asia
  • Optimise the metallurgical flow sheet developed for the PFS to ensure more detailed mass balances for the DFS
  • Continue with operator training prior to the construction of the larger scale operating plants

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